Sunday, April 6, 2008

Prayer List

Howdy! For those of you that only know Italy for its food, high fashion, or naked statues, I'd like to take a moment to tell you about the mission field.

Most Italians identify themselves as Catholic but have fallen away from their church due to disillusionment and dissatisfaction with the way the Vatican plays a role in Italian politics. Talking to a few college students, we found that some were pro-religion, some anti-religion, but most expressed that they feel let down by the Catholic Church. That shows in the way "alternative" religions are spreading.

It makes Italy a very challenging area to spread the Gospel in. In a manner of speaking, it's already there, but may not be the focus or may be misinterpreted. What is clear is that Italians are seeking a direction. They long for spiritual fulfillment and will turn to whatever might be near.

We have several missionaries already in Italy, and they provided us with several items that they would like us keep in our prayers:

View Prayer List (pdf, 93k)
View Missionary's Prayer Calendar (pdf, 580k)

In case you lost or need a new copy of our training manual, you can download it from here as well:

Download Mission Training Manual (pdf, 1.1 mb)

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